Riding has its own language, as has many sports. It is important to learn the phrases given by the instructor, So in group lessons as you progress, everyone should understand what they are supposed to do and don't crash. Not to worry though it will all become clear as you start to learn and relax on the horse. A relaxed rider learns a lot quicker.

The Beginner
The beginner will start off slowly, learning the basics of steering, walking, trotting and cantering. The rider will improve position and balance at all 3 speeds

The Novice


The novice rider will be capable and confident of the above and will be starting to learn to jump small fences, work without stirrups and be able to ride simple school movements on the horse on their own


The Intermediate
The intermediate rider will start to learn to jump a course of small fences, learn to understand, balance of the horse and be able to ride more complex and difficult school movements 

The Experienced
The experienced will be able to ride at all speeds safely, complete a course of jumps at a competition level,  understand in detail about the horse and how to obtain and maintain good results.